“Revelations in Chartres”: Oil paintings by Michael Stehr opens Nov. 14

Michael Stehr’s upcoming exhibition, opening November 14 at the Piedmont Center for the Arts, boasts paintings inspired by a 24-hour stretch spent in Chartres, France, this past spring. During this visit, he enjoyed perfect conditions for absorbing and reveling in
the magic of this small medieval city.

The visit began with “Chartres in Lumiere” – a projected light show that runs nightly. The climax of the show occurs on the Façade of the Notre Dame de Chartres Cathedral, regarded by most as the greatest building to come from the Gothic period.With the next morning came blue skies dappled with small clouds.  Rain from the previous evening cleared to allow for glowing encounters with Chartres’ incredible visits, including views of the Eure, the river that runs through Chartres, and the Cathedral.

When visiting the Cathedral, Stehr had the opportunity to study the ongoing restoration of the interior. On a visit in 2013, he was left with the feeling that the restoration, which included replastering and repainting the building’s walls and vaults, was destroying the mood of the structure. However, the 2015 visit brought a greater understanding of the challenge facing the restorers.  The freshly cleaned surfaces were so discolored, so deteriorated, the restorers had no choice other than the complete resurfacing of the interior.

The exhibit in Piedmont also contains paintings of locations that continue to inspire, including views of Italy, Paris and California.

The Revelations in Chartres exhibit is open to the public from 11 a.m. to 3 p.m. on
Saturday and Sunday, November 14-15 and November 21-22.