The Piedmont Center for the Arts is dedicated to coalescing the arts communities of Piedmont and around the Bay Area.  The Center offers an affordable rental venue where artists from the musical, performing, visual and literary arts have a physical space to perform and display their works of art, and where members of the Piedmont community can gather to experience these creations. The Center is centrally located in Piedmont at 801 Magnolia Avenue, at the corner of Bonita Avenue, across from Piedmont High School.  There is ample free street parking for evening events.

We have an exciting calendar of events for your enjoyment in the visual, musical, dramatic and literary arts — musical recitals, literary talks, art shows, and drama productions by The Piedmont Players.  To receive twice monthly updates of the latest calendar of events, subscribe to the mailing list via the link on this website.


Board of Directors & Advisory Board


President: Wendy Woolrich

Vice President: Nancy Lehrkind
Secretary: Valerie Corvin
Treasurer: Debbie Dare


Gray Cathrall
Valerie Corvin
Debbie Dare
Nancy Lehrkind
Tom Lehrkind
Sue Malick
Jan McCutcheon

Wendy Willrich


Sally Baack
John Callahan

Cawley Carr
Michael French

Harry Howe
Janice Kim
Steve Nicholls

Lorna Strotz
Ian Swensen
Matias Tarnopolsky

Jeff Wieler
Bruce Wolfe