The New Blue

Vocal A cappella Concert

Jan. 5

at 7 pm


The New Blue, Yale University’s all-female vocal a cappella group, will make a holiday
stop at the Piedmont Center of the Arts.

It marks a return to town of the 16-voice
women’s singing group, who will perform a 7 p.m. concert on Friday, January 5.

The Piedmont Center for the Arts has become a regular stop for college choirs from the
East Coast on a West Coast tour during the Christmas holidays. In the 1990s, New Blue
performed when Piedmont native Bronwyn Berlekamp was its Pitch Pipe. A graduate of
Head Royce School and Yale, she now resides outside Portland, Maine.
Other Yale groups to have performed in Piedmont during the holidays include the
Whiffenpoofs, the Spizzwhinks and, last January the Baker’s Dozen in a rousing
performance with a capacity crowd at the Center for the Arts.

The Troubadours, Piedmont High School’s mixed vocal ensemble and which has a long
tradition of performing with collegiate groups, will sing several songs prior to New Blue.

Tickets are $20 and are available at the door, payable by cash or check.

History of The New Blue
In the fall of 1969, a group of new Yalies set out to revolutionize a cappella music. They
brought a new and powerful tool to the table: the female voice. Eleven pioneering
women founded The New Blue, Yale’s first women’s a cappella group.
The group continues many of the traditions of its founders, including creating a new CD
every two years. Today The New Blue is defined by its innovative musical spirit, with a
dynamic repertoire, including everything from current pop and classic rock to folk and
jazz standards.