Three Women Artists

“Personal Truth”

Valerie Corvin, Dee Tivenan, Katie Korotzer

April 12 - 14


Three Women Artists Explore

Personal Truths

April 12-14

Art Show

Three Bay Area Women Artists will present an abstract art show entitled “Personal Truth” at the Piedmont Center for the Arts on April 12, 13 and 14.  The artists, Katie Korotzer of Orinda, Dee Tivenan of Orinda and Valerie Corvin of Piedmont, each explore color, texture, line and shape in their personal style of non-representational abstract art. 

The show will be on view Friday, April 12 from 5-8 pm, Saturday, April 13, 12 noon to 3 pm, Sunday, April 14, 12 noon – 3pm. 

An opening reception is planned for Friday evening, April 12 and a closing reception will have an added display of floral arrangements inspired by the art like the famous annual Bouquets to Art show.

“We are friends who wanted to encourage each other to bring forth our art in a fully expressive way,” states Korotzer.  “Finding one’s voice among all the roles women play can be a challenge.”

“This show allows us to demonstrate the depth and breathe of our artistic journey,” adds Dee Tivenan.  “It’s quite exciting and a bit scary to share our most personal works.”

“Abstract art is not easy to paint nor is it easy to understand,” explains Valerie Corvin.  “The art comes from one’s imagination and intuition while revealing a bit of one’s soul.  Viewing abstract art, it has to speak to you.  You have a intuitive reaction to it.”