The Piedmont Center for the Arts is dedicated to coalescing the arts communities of Piedmont and around the Bay Area.  The Center offers an affordable rental venue where artists from the musical, performing, visual and literary arts have a physical space to perform and display their works of art, and where members of the Piedmont community can gather to experience these creations. The Center is centrally located in Piedmont at 801 Magnolia Avenue, at the corner of Bonita Avenue, across from Piedmont High School.  There is ample free street parking for evening events.

We have an exciting calendar of events for your enjoyment in the visual, musical, dramatic and literary arts — musical recitals, literary talks, art shows, and drama productions by The Piedmont Center Theatre.  To receive twice monthly updates of the latest calendar of events, subscribe to the mailing list via the link on this website.


Board of Directors & Advisory Board


President: Sue Malick

Vice President: Nancy Lehrkind

Secretary: Valerie Corvin

Treasurer: Debbie Dare




Sally Baack
John Callahan
Gray Cathrall
Michael French
Janice Kim
Steve Nicholls
Lorna Strotz
Ian Swensen
Matias Tarnopolsky
Joe Trevino
Bruce Wolfe


Cawley Carr
Valerie Corvin
Debbie Dare
Mark Davis
Harry Howe
Nancy Lehrkind
Tom Lehrkind
Sue Malick
Jan McCutcheon
Andreas Neyer
Wendy Willrich


The Center is maintained, managed, repaired and run entirely by a Board of dedicated volunteers devoted to arts programming. There are no paid employees or staff. Our lovely building (the former Christian Science Church) was purchased by the City in 2003 for $730,000 of public funds, with the promise of its use "for City-related programs". In eight years, no programs were established; during that period the City turned down all rental requests for the building.

In 2011 the City executed a 10 year lease for the grounds and half of the building with the nonprofit, Piedmont Center For The Arts, Inc., in exchange for the nonprofit's promise to spend $85,000 of private funding on specified renovations. In its lease with the City, the “Approved Uses” for The Center are very specific: “operating a venue for exhibits, performances, concerts and other similar events for the benefit of the local community.” Any other usage requires the written
consent of The City.

The Arts Building has been extensively renovated (including new heating, AC, roof, professional landscaping, bathrooms, carpeting, lighting & exhibit systems, new exterior doors, concrete steps & landing, custom iron railings, benches, professional stage extension, projection, electrical upgrades, exterior lighting, constant painting, & a handicap lift) and furnished totally from private donations and usage fees, which have amounted to more than $300,000. If spread equally
over the leasehold period to-date, this is equivalent to a rental of $3797 per month paid to the City of Piedmont. A portion of these capital expenditures, for a handicap lift and handicap bathrooms, were constructed in the City-controlled half of the building, as a subsidy for the City to enable their use of this “East Wing” for City offices and Recreation Department programs. Due to handicap laws, the City was unable to use the East Wing until The Center paid for a lift and handicap
bathrooms for the City.

The Piedmont Center For The Arts receives no support from the City of Piedmont. Among the many community benefits have been sponsorship of an annual arts exhibit by the PHS art club, as well as a free exhibit of PUSD teachers’ art; $5 student/senior tickets for all Pro Musical classical concerts; free admission for Shades of Gray jazz nights; free Friday night art exhibit openings (including refreshments & entertainment); 6 hours/week of open Gallery Hours; free usage of the Main Hall on Monday mornings for the PCA Seniors Group; free tickets for PHS students to all theatrical production dress rehearsals; hiring of three PHS students as Directing Interns; the usage 2 days/week by Piedmont’s East Bay Choir; and the very modest rental fees made available to all music teachers for student recitals at The Center.

As a true community Arts Center, the Board welcomes any and all volunteers and artistic programming. Volunteer opportunities include putting on an arts event, graphics design and production, carpentry, painting, landscaping, wood-working, hosting receptions for others' events, handling box offices, doing set design & construction, costuming, lighting, assistant directing, stage managing, and even physical labor, moving and set-up & take-down of audience risers. We
welcome your participation in your community’s Art Center!

To contact us, please email: