Circadian String Quartet

"Chiaroscuro: Finding Light within Darkness"

Oct. 28

at 7:30pm


Circadian String Quartet

Circadian String Quartet


Chiaroscuro: Finding light within darkness or Stories for String Quartet

Allow the Circadian String Quartet to take you on an unforgettable journey as we team up with master storyteller Nicolas Hohmann and composer Sahba Aminikia to create an evening which seamlessly weaves storytelling and music. Program master works explore the theme of light vs. dark including Shostakovich's harrowing String Quartet No. 8, dedicated to the victims of Fascism, Steve Reich's Different Trains, which incorporates real-life interviews of WWII survivors, and a new piece for narrator and string quartet by Sahba Aminikia featuring the achingly beautiful poetry of Hafez. Connecting these pieces will be stories curated by Nicolas Hohmann with original musical interludes by David Ryther entitled "Chiaroscuro." Through light/dark, sound/silence, and text/music, a whole experience emerges, greater than the sum of its parts.

*Chiaroscuro: An oil painting technique developed in the Renaissance that uses contrasts between light and dark to illuminate three dimensional form.

Tickets Available at the Door. Suggested donation is $15-$35. Cash, checks (pay to the order of Circadian String Quartet), or by Visa or Master cards.

CSQ - Circadian String Quartet

Bay Area based Circadian String Quartet was founded in 2013 to perform classical and contemporary repertoire with folkloric or cultural significance.
CSQ is proud to have given world and U.S. premieres of exciting new pieces of chamber music, a result of working closely with several living composers, including Sahba Aminikia, Ben Carson, Toronto-based Noam Lemish, and British composer Ian Venables. 

David Ryther // Violin

Sarah Wood // Violin

Omid Assadi // Viola

David Wishnia // Cello

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