Michael Stehr

Structures Creating Structure"

Art Exhibit

Oct. 21- 29, Weekends



Structures Creating Structure

October 21, 22, 28, and 29th

Exhibit Hours: 11-3pm


Michael Stehr, founder and principal artist of Sistine Chapel Art
and Art History, will be having his 12th annual exhibit of his oil
paintings at the Piedmont Center for the Arts.

This year’s exhibit
will boast 30 new pieces depicting views of California and Italy.
The bulk of the new paintings fall under the theme of this year’s
exhibit. These are paintings heavy with architecture, and explore
how architecture and architectural forms can provide a rhythm in a
work of art.

Buildings provide an excellent opportunity to display
the effects of light—the light side of a structure made more
prominent by the presence of the adjacent dark value of the
shadow side. This rhythm of light and dark, a series of value
changes throughout a painting, can help lead the viewer’s eye
through a painting. The geometry of these structures becomes the
subject of the painting, and the balance, imbalance, and resulting
tension can create greater visual interest.
When Michael is not working on his paintings, he is executing
custom residential hand painted finishes, or guiding his annual art
history trips to Rome and Paris. For more Information, Please go to: