Piedmont Center Theatre Presents

The Second Piedmont One-Act

Play Festival

June 14-17

Bench Play festival.jpg

Piedmont's Second One-Act Festival

Five shows, June 14 - June 17

Directed by Beth Sheridan

Featuring original works by Bay Area Playwrights Barbara Anderson, Abe Bernstein, Susan Jackson, Shirley King, Aaron Kitchin, Judith S. Offer, Gina Rose, and David Wilcox Wilson.

Creative playwriting at its best; funny, wry, witty and sometimes dark!  Featuring our repertoire cast:

Cast: Jaime Ciabattoni, Maureen Coyne, Kate Cryan, Jeffrey Kimmich, Nancy Lehrkind, Nicole Martin, Maya Rath, Julia Rechter, Julian Ring, Miyoko Sakatani, and Marsha van Brock