2nd Annual Center for the Arts Speaker Series continues, Nov. 7 with Marilyn rhodes: "The World Rushed In"








PCA's Speaker Series continues November 6, with Marilyn Rhodes Talk: “The World Rushed In.” 


Marilyn Rhodes describes the history of early California through the Gold Rush and its impact on the environment, as described in paintings and photographs by early artists. The early European explorers, conquistadores and missionaries were often accompanied by artists, scientists and map makers who could record and describe the new territories and landscapes they encountered.  Prior to photography, art was the only way the beautiful landscapes could be recorded for the ones who paid for the adventures.

Who was here first?  Why did the foreigners come?  How did California get its name?  What did the Franciscan Missionaries bring, and what destruction to the native peoples resulted? How did the Gold Rush come about?  These and more give us a colorful perspective of our Golden State, which Marilyn will present using vivid illustrations from the Oakland Museum's wonderful collection.

Doors open at 5:00 p.m. with wine available for purchase prior to the discussion and photo illustrations at 5:30 p.m. There will be ample time for audience members to ask questions.

Admission is free, although a small donation to the Center for the Arts would be appreciated.                                                      Plenty of free street parking available.

Marilyn Rhodes has been a docent at the Oakland Museum of CA for 18 years, first in Natural Science and now History. She is also a retired instructor and program director at Chabot College, Hayward, and  third generation Californian and Oakland resident for 60 years.  An experienced speaker, she has presented  lectures to retirement community groups, churches and fraternal organizations for several years.