Julie Cohn Watercolor Painting Show, January 18-27

The watercolor painting show of Julie Cohn entitled Contemplation/C e l e b r a t i o n will be on view January 18-27.  Friday 1/18, Saturday 1/19, Sunday 1/20, Friday 1/25, Saturday, 1/26 and Sunday, 1/27.  Gallery Hours are 12 noon – 3:00 pm.


Family history and significant events in Julie Cohn’s life have all shaped the development of her upcoming exhibit entitled Contemplation/Celebration. Contemplating her life experience, Julie celebrates life’s shadow and light, fusing human imagery with nature. The process of building this exhibit has nourished and brought up questions in Julie’s mind, heart and soul. Her wish is that this display of imagery and poetic story telling will help individual viewers to also ask questions and, through this process, move toward peace within and harmony with others.
JULIE COHN: After attaining a BA and BFA in Fine Art, and a college teaching credential, Julie has pursued her career as an artist and teacher in watercolor painting, oil painting and cartooning. She plays jazz guitarist sings in the Bay Area. Her watercolor instructional DVDs are sold internationally and she teaches in the United States and France. See her website:www.juliecohnproductions.com.

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