Art Show: Anita Mueller-Harley, Dec. 1-9

“Lines, Shapes + Things”
Artist Reception: Sunday, Dec. 2, 2-4pm. 
Gallery hours: Dec. 1, 1-3pm | Dec. 2, 2-4pm | Dec. 7-9, 1-3pm

Anita (Ta) Mueller-Harley has a fascination for contrasts, confrontation, slickness and sub-texts. On her many travels she has observed and absorbed different cultures, all of which have an idiosyncratic pattern of language, social coding, thought process, sounds systems, and visual orientation.

Anita likes to dash: Her expressive, gestural style shows physical speed. The splashes of color, sharp lines, and hastily written words recall someone who needs to catch that plane. She uses a palette of black and white and throws in vibrant and glossy accents, primarily reds. The outcome is implicit and spontaneous.

While she works fast during each stage, it takes long periods of time to complete each art piece. In Ta’s collages we discover multiple layers that have been added over several years. She keeps applying bits of color, paper, thread, etc. Sometimes older drawings are glued to the back, creating an entirely new context. Ta likes to incorporate a variety of material: ink, oil stick, marker, enamel and pencil on paper or matte polyester film.

Anita Mueller-Harley grew up in Switzerland. She came to New York to study film and art; she is a graduate of  the MFA program at  the School of Visual Arts. Since 1999 she is represented by Exhibit A and has participated in group and solo shows in NYC and Switzerland. In 2002 she was selected to show her work at the U.N. Headquarters in New York.

She currently lives with her family in the beautiful San Francisco Bay Area. ->

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